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March 26 and April 2:  Spring Break Weeks (No Awana)
May 7:  Awards Night (5:30 - Early Start and 7:00 - Late Start)

Results of the Awana 2014 Grand Prix:
SPARKS SPEED:  1st - Jozy Doty, 2nd - Samantha Miller, 3rd - Matea Prescott
SPARKS DESIGN:  1st - Karsten Kautzman, 2nd - Ranger Stoner, 3rd - Kristin Roberts
T&T SPEED:  1st - Natalie Siebrasse, 2nd - Kaden Siebrasse, 3rd - Benjamin Doty
T&T DESIGN:  1st - Luke Overlie, 2nd - Valen Feldmann,
3rd - Maija Hipp
FAMILY SPEED:  1st - Isaiah Huberty, 2nd - Jordan Kelley, 3rd - Gaard Swenson
FAMILY DESIGN:  1st - Samantha Nelson, 2nd - Jenae Peterson, 3rd - Pitts Family

If you have any questions or are interested in registering your child for Awana, please contact Pastor Sara at

To volunteer to be a part of our AWANA Volunteer Staff for the 2013-14 year, please print and fill out our Volunteer Application Form below.  After returning your application form to Pastor Sara at church, you will be contacted regarding next steps to volunteering.  Additionally, all Children's Ministry volunteers at PCC must have a valid background check form on file.  You can initiate the background check process by clicking on the link below.  There is no cost to you to complete a background check.



At Awana, our youngest kids, the Cubbies (3-5 year olds) wiggle, giggle, sing and learn about Jesus in ways that are just right for them.  Our dedicated Cubbies Leaders are an awesome team focused on loving kids to Jesus. 

Our Sparks kids (K-2nd grade) run the game circle with unbounded energy, work with determination in their handbooks and learn with open hearts from our speakers and worship leaders. 

Our Truth & Training kids (3rd-5th grade) rival their younger friends on the energy scale, pouring themselves into every aspect of the night. 

It truly is an awesome ministry that God is using to reveal himself to our kids that they might choose him as the center of their lives.  Registration forms will be available online and at church beginning in June.  For more information on Awana vist their website:  Awana Clubs, International

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