The time to help your kids thrive in their relationship with Jesus is NOW!  Children's Ministry at PCC strives to come alongside parents and be a part of the faith journey of your kids.  Here is some of what you will find for kids on the weekends at PCC:

1.  Kids worshipping Jesus...through singing, prayer, artwork and movement, kids are learning what it means to give their time and attention to our Creator.

2.  Kids reading the Bible...every story is based on Scripture teaching stories and lessons that kids can read for themselves in class and at home.

3.  Kids learning to weave their faith in Jesus into everyday situations...we want kids to know what to do with what they believe and we're helping them know how to let their faith shape their actions.

4.  Adults building relationships with kids...through storytelling, crafts, games, small groups and other activities, kids' lives are positively impacted from the love and attention of adult volunteers each time they come to Sunday School.

Our KidTown ministry is for K-1st graders is NEW!  KidTown is offered on Saturdays @ 6:30pm (combined with KidNation) and Sundays @ 9:00am.  We hope your kids will join us!

Our KidNation ministry is for 2nd-3rd graders and is offered on Saturdays @ 6:30pm (combined with KidTown) and Sundays @ 9:00am.  Both KidTown and KidNation use stories from the Bible to help kids understand the Big Story that God has been writing across the entire history of the world...and that we are a part of that story!

club 45 is our ministry for our preteens.  Designed with fourth and fifth graders in mind, this ministry helps kids integrate their faith with their everyday lives using high energy activities, same gender small groups, and large group worship and teaching.  club45 is only offered on Sundays at 9:00am.


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