The purpose of the youth ministry at Plymouth Covenant Church is to help students between 6th and 12th grade to be transformed by the Spirit of God into passionate followers of Jesus Christ who will be world-changers for life.

The ministry we are doing with students is of eternal importance and they are worth every ounce of sweat and tears shed on their behalf. If the students do not "get" the faith at this point in life it becomes very difficult upon departure from high school!

The good news is that the story is not yet finished being written! Hallelujah, God is not limited by the current Barna statistics or the apparent lack of faith some students have...We believe that our Awesome, Powerful and All knowing Heavenly Father has a plan so far beyond what we can imagine that one day we will all be stunned into silence by what He does and to whom He does it!

Knowing that God is not finished does not make us cruise, yawn or just gives us hope that, even if we do not see fruit or the fruit that we see is not exactly in line with the scriptures, God loves these young people and for that matter all of us far beyond our small minds and will do everything He can (in fact He has already demonstrated that) to turn our hearts to Him, seek His forgiveness and be set free from the grip of sin and death that we may live free and have abundant life! Amen, we have an amazing Father...He will never let us down, never forget us, mislead us or do that which is not in our ultimate greatest interest!

Youth ministry at Plymouth Covenant is about helping young people encounter a living God who loves them so much that He sent His Son to die in our place, because of our sin (intentional and not). We want students to be so moved by this great love that it absolutely "MESSES" up their lives and they can never be the same again. Our hope at PCC is to see students C.H.A.N.G.E.D. FOR LIFE!

C.H.A.N.G.E.D. means Committed to Honoring And Nearing God Every Day!!! God will let us do whatever we want. He is so kind and patient with us. If we want to squander life pursuing worthless idols made with human hands, He will let us. If we want to live according the shallow and self serving ideals of the current philosphers or of those from times past, He will let us! If we want to drink, smoke, steal, lie, cheat, sleep around or anything else of that nature He will let us! However, if and when we wake up from our stuppor He will be there to forgive us, restore us and graciously lead us to the way of everlasting life. We want to be there for those moments to help students deal with the consequences of their actions as they seek to live life "God's way!" All of us need to be saved from the consequences of sin and then once we are set free from that we are truly free to be who He intended for us to be! That is the purpose of the Youth Ministry at Plymouth Covenant Church.  

Blessed to Serve- Craig & Annie

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