Sunday School 9:00-10:15am
A time to sing some age appropriate worship songs and participate in an in depth and interactive Bible study that challenges students to be more than just hearers of the Word but also doers! Click here for our schedule for the year.
Wednesday Night 6:30-8:15pm
A time to play some outrageous games in the gym, celebrate birthdays and upcoming events, sing some active songs, hear an inspiring message and share reflections in small group...oh yeah...we have snacks too! Wednesday Schedule 

Sundays 11-12:15pm (Nov-May)

A two year process for students in 7th & 8th grade to help them get more CONNECTED with God, others and our church. Students meet with their own grade level on alternating weeks, meet regularly with a mentor, serve,& take sermon notes and visit other churches.
Click here to go to the confirmation information page.  If you need retreat details click here.

Plymouth Covenant Youth Medical Release & Permission 2016-2017

Overwhelmed to Overflowing - Sun Apr 23 @ 6:30pm

Teen Girls Special Event with Cheese Ball Chick Molly Sanborn 

Molly Sanborn, aka the Cheese Ball Chick and Pastor Craig’s wife loves to laugh and makes it her mission to help others find joy even in the midst of tough times.  Most people have a hard time picturing Molly with less than a smile, but her story includes a dark season where joy was fleeting and hope was fading. Molly faced a deep depression she could never have imagined, but by clinging to Christ, she overcame and now has more hope and joy than ever.  Whether you are in a dark season right now, or just want to be better equipped to help your friends who are struggling, this talk is for you!  Molly will make you laugh (and maybe even cry) as she shares practical applications to go from overwhelmed to overflowing. For gals in middle school and high school and they will meet in the theater at PCC. 


Parenting teens can be difficult. Three times this school year we will intentionally gather students and parents together at PCC from 6:30-8pm so they can RECONNECT. 

Sunday September 18: Craig & Molly Sanborn "How to survive your family"  If you missed it click here to see it!

Sunday January 8: Katie Edwards
If you missed if click here to see it.
Sunday April 9: Heather Flies "Are you relationship ready"


Service Express
runs during the school year.
The service express experience allows us to teach our middle school students that as followers of Jesus we all find ways to SERVE no matter how old or young we are.  Each week a group of 8-10 Impact students will volunteer in early childhood during the 9am service instead of attending Impact. Students will serve with their crash team about 4 times during the school year or every 6 weeks. This is one way we work to help foster an attitude of service at PCC. 

Strike Team run during the school year
Our student leadership team is made up of 7th & 8th grade students who are passionate about growing in their relationship with God and using their gifts to build up the body of Christ.  The team meets monthly and will resume this fall.


To receive more information about any of these ministries please contact Pastor Annie 






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