If this event is a ministry of Plymouth Covenant, then the Pastoral Champion or Point Person overseeing this ministry should speak directly to the church office regarding a room reservation.

If this event is not a ministry of Plymouth Covenant, then you must…

1. Complete the Facility Request form  and email it to RoomRequest@plymouthcovenant.org. Normally the approval process will take about one week, but if you are requesting significant resources or require special approvals – it could take up to four weeks.

2. You will be notified ASAP that your request has been "approved", "approved with revision" or "denied". If approved, then you will receive a "Facility Use Agreement" that must be signed and returned to the Church Office.

3. We will reserve your rooms once we have received a signed "Facility Use Agreement" and any deposits or fees that are required. Please do not make extensive plans or announcements until your event has been reserved.

Please be aware that we rarely allow outside groups to use our sanctuary for weddings, funerals or other events. If you are making a request of this nature, we might require that a member of our pastoral staff be involved in planning and hosting your event.

The church reserves the right to decline permission for use based solely
on the discretion of Plymouth Covenant leadership.


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