The Connection is a new congregation being launched as a part of Plymouth Covenant Church. It is our desire to connect as many as possible with God and with each other. What would the The Connection congregation be like?

1) We will connect with God. Our worship service will be personal and informal as we sing familiar songs, share personal faith stories, pray for one another and listen to God’s word. Pastor Dan will serve as the congregational pastor alongside an excellent team of leaders. During the sermon, we will view a high quality video of the 9:00 sermon from the main sanctuary. This congregation would utilize the existing nursery and kid’s programming as we meet in The Refinery at Plymouth Covenant. 

2) We will connect with one another and build authentic relationships together. The congregation will be small and intimate allowing us to know and care for one another. We will be very intentional about our hospitality, assimilation, fellowship, discipleship and congregational care. On the third Sunday of the month we will share a meal together after our worship service.

It can be difficult sometimes to invite neighbors and friends to church who are sincerely seeking Jesus, but are accustomed to a different worship experience. They want to encounter Jesus, but they get lost in our crowd, they don't know our new songs, and they struggle to stand for so long during worship. We want to provide you an opportunity to bring them so that they might be awakened by the powerful presence of Jesus in a more familiar and intimate setting.

We anticipate people of all ages and backgrounds will attend. Children are welcome to remain with their parents for worship or attend our children’s program. Are you aware of someone that God is calling you to invite?

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact one of our leadership team members: Joann Gassner, Dan Johnson, Bob Murphey, Sara Swan or Al/Dianne Prentice.


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