Celebrate Recovery is a biblical and balanced program based on the actual words of Jesus Christ that helps people overcome their hurts, habits, and hang-ups.


No matter what your hurts, habits, or
hang ups may be, there is hope!


Celebrate Recovery is a welcoming, safe, Christ-centered fellowship at Plymouth Covenant where people are transformed by the power of God. The foundation of our recovery is our one and only higher power Jesus Christ.

As we make the conscious choice to commit all of our life and will to Christ’s care and control—addictive, destructive behaviors begin to lose their grip on us. We begin to embrace new life and enjoy true serenity.

Participants report that they gain new insights, find freedom from addictive and compulsive behaviors and develop skills for building healthier relationships with themselves, with God and with others.

Take the Celebrate Recovery Challenge


Wondering if Celebrate Recovery is for you? Answer the questions below and be honest with yourself. Healing and honesty go together.


1. Do you find yourself doing things you know you shouldn’t but excuse them thinking next time will be different?

2. Are there secrets about yourself you don’t want others to know?

3. Do you think everything would be okay if the situation changed?

4. Do you make excuses for yourself or someone else?

5. Are you frustrated because your attempts to change aren’t working?

6. Are you beginning to withdraw from friends or outside activities? Do you feel isolated?

7. Are you feeling an increasing dislike of yourself?

8. Have others said you yell often? Are you exasperated in your current relationships?

9. Do you feel defeated or hopeless?

10. Do you lose sleep because of what you or someone else is doing or has done?


If you answered a strong "yes" to one of these or if you have more yes answers than no answers, we recommend you attend Celebrate Recovery. Give it a try for 6-8 weeks. By then you will know if CR is the right healing environment for you.

    6:00 for supper on the 1st Monday of month

    7:00 for Celebrate Recovery in The Refinery

    9:00 for fellowship in The Turtle Lake Cafe



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