Our mission at Alaska Christian College is to build lasting relationships with the school and their students so they can go and make a difference in their world

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Alaska Christian College provides life-changing education to students who primarily come from native villages of Alaska disconnected from the road system.
Though life in the village can be dark, and many students have experienced these struggles first hand, ACC offers free counseling, on campus, for any student in need.
Campus life provides not only necessary educational opportunities to grow, but plenty of spiritual opportunities as well.
Students acquire skills that fill the gap from an often lacking village education and that they will be able to use to better their communities when they return.
Students can earn associates degrees in Behavioral Health, General Studies, Christian Ministry and Paraprofessional Education.
This Christ-centered education along with extracurricular activities fosters team work and friendships that extend far beyond a students time spent on campus.

A peek into different ways our teams serve at ACC...

We've helped with numerous building projects, including new dorms and classrooms
We do various maintenance jobs like fixing equipment...
...or giving buildings a new finishing touch
We've helped sew traditional Native Alaskan Kuspuks...
...that are then used for fundraisers for the school
We love spending quality time with the ACC students...
...taking students out for coffee and listening to their stories...
We've joined in their yearly Gala events...
...and value their unique traditions
We lead worship and share during chapel time

More about our Missions Partner:

Mission Name: Alaska Christian College
Location: Soldotna, Alaska 
Mission Partner Contact: Keith Hamilton 
Their Role: President of Alaska Christian College
PCC Contact: Trent Johnson (

The mission of Alaska Christian College is to empower Alaska Natives through biblically-based education and Christian formation to pursue excellence in character, learning, and service as followers of Christ; with the vision to be the college of choice for Alaska Native students who will follow and serve Christ within the Church and larger society.
Plymouth Covenant Church partners with this ministry of ‘Life Changing Education’ that equips students with the tools necessary to leave the darkness of village life in their past. Along with educational opportunities often lacking in village life, ACC provides spiritual development through evening worship, Wednesday chapel, guest speakers, and mentor guidance.

In addition to supporting this ministry through financial donations throughout the year, PCC sends summer work teams to help with campus maintenance between spring and fall semesters. These short term summer mission trips (generally a week in length) help ACC keep the cost of expensive labor down and allow participants a chance to witness first-hand the life-changing education ACC provides by working alongside student ambassadors throughout the week.