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go B.L.E.S.S.


We believe Christians are called to proclaim the Good News of Jesus to the others. B.L.E.S.S. is an acronym that the Evangelical Covenant Church of America created as a unifying approach to evangelism—a non-threatening, demystifying approach.


We pray, in the name of Jesus, for those who do not currently enjoy a relationship with Jesus Christ. Our prayer is that we would be shown opportunities to help them take the first steps toward beginning that relationship.


We bless others by asking thoughtful questions and paying attention to their responses. Then we encourage, support, pray, and find ways to bless people as a result of those conversations.


Good things happen when we dine together. Meaningful conversations can take place when we intentionally invite people to eat with us to talk about what’s important to them—spiritually, emotionally, and in life in general.


We are at our best when we are serving one another and alongside one another. We invite people to participate in service opportunities so we can be a blessing and share about Jesus—the best servant-leader.


The greatest blessing we can share with those we meet is the Good News that Jesus loves them and wants a relationship with them forever. We encourage everyone to be prepared to tell their own story of faith to help others develop their own.


We have a three-part approach to BLESSing at Plymouth Covenant Church

Each person who calls Plymouth Covenant Church their home is encouraged to invest in and invite as many people as possible to enjoy a relationship with Jesus.

HOST YOUR NEIGHBORS:  We have a handful of “parties in a bag” people can borrow that include a bean bag toss game, ladder toss, and other ideas so you can host backyard meals and parties to build relationships with neighbors (while the weather is cooperative, of course). Please contact the church office if interested (763-559-4300).

This is all about praying for and creating opportunities that best suit your “wiring.” You may be going on a mission trip and need medical supplies. Consider asking your neighbors to donate to that cause and then have a follow-up gathering to share highlights? Why not find out when your neighbors moved into the neighborhood and have an anniversary party for them? These are just simple ways to GO BLESS in your neighborhood.

INDIA TEAM: God has brought people from across the world into this community, and Plymouth Covenant Church wants to extend God’s love to people who were not born in the United States. The India team provides a variety of opportunities every second Friday of the month for people born in India or just interested in connecting with people from a different background.

OTHER NATIONS: We have people from all over the world in Plymouth. Perhaps the Lord is leading you to create opportunities to BLESS people from Uganda, Mexico, China, or Russia. If so, please contact Pastor Aaron to share how you feel called and plan how to GO BLESS.

These groups provide periodic larger-scale evangelism events that all individuals are encouraged to attend and participate. Some friends of Plymouth Covenant who are doing this very well are:

 THE FIREBASE MOVEMENT:  This ministry provides intense, life-changing training and powerful evangelism events all across the country. Their next event is Love LA.

TIME TO REVIVE: This ministry has great resources available to equip Christians to share God’s story, and also provides regular opportunities to join teams of people across the country who do so. Check their website for events.

REVIVE MINNESOTA: The local ministry of Time To Revive provides local events and opportunities to share the gospel.

There are many evangelism opportunities with outside organizations in the Twin Cities area. Please contact PASTOR AARON  for more information.


If you have more ideas or stories of BLESSing others please click on the IDEAS button below. We love to capture those stories and share them with the congregation!


Check back soon for information about our next event.