We are so excited!!

It has been a long time since we have seen the smiling faces and felt the boundless energy of children gathered at Plymouth Covenant for ministry! We have been working hard to understand how best to prepare our classrooms and volunteers to receive your kids into the same loving, Jesus-centered environment that you are used to while following new health and safety guidelines to make our ministry spaces as safe as possible. We think we have figured out how to let kids be kids and still abide by many of the guidelines suggested by health experts. So now we are ready to regather!!

Beginning Sunday, August 2 at the 9:00am service, all of our early childhood classrooms will be open at 50% capacity: Nursery, Sprouts (2yrs), First Fruits (3yrs), and SonCatchers (4-5yrs). Families will need to register each week as space is limited. Registration will open on Thursday and close on Sunday morning each week. Simply click the button below to register.

Elementary ministry (K-5th grade) will not resume this summer.
We want to take the month of August to regather on a small scale with just early childhood to pilot our new procedures. It is our hope to be able to offer all ministries (birth through fifth grade) at more than one weekend service beginning in September. Thank you for your prayers and patience!


The time to help your kids thrive in their relationship with Jesus is now! Children’s ministry at Plymouth Covenant Church strives to come alongside parents and be a part of the faith journey of your kids.  Here is some of what you will find for kids on the weekends here:

  • Kids worshipping Jesus—through singing, prayer, artwork, and movement, kids are learning what it means to give their time and attention to our Creator.
  • Kids reading the Bible—every group is focused on Scripture, teaching stories and lessons that kids can read for themselves in class and at home.
  • Kids learning to weave their faith in Jesus into everyday situations—we want kids to know what to do with what they believe, and we’re helping them know how to let their faith shape their actions.
  • Adults building relationships with kids—through storytelling, crafts, games, small groups, and other activities, kids’ lives are positively impacted from the love and attention of adult volunteers each time they come to Sunday school.


Secure Check-In

We offer secure check-in for our children’s programming, which means:

  • Automated check-in software prints child name tags and parent tags with matching security codes
  • Check in or register as a first-time guest at any children’s ministry check-in desk throughout the building—volunteers will be happy to assist you

NOTE: Our Sunday morning club45 class—kids in grades 4-5—uses paper sign-in sheets

Ministries: Summer 2020

COVID-19 NOTE: due to capacity limitations and recommended health guidelines, no children’s ministry is being offered at this time. Beginning Sunday, August 2, all Kingdom Kids classrooms will open during the Sunday 9am worship service at 50% capacity. Registration for classroom space will be required (see above). The ministry descriptions listed below were our pre-COVID-19 ministries. We hope to be able to offer full children’s ministry beginning the weekend of September 12/13.


KidTown (lower level, across from the gym)

  • Saturdays at 6:30 p.m.—grades K-5 combined
  • Sundays at 9:00 a.m.—grades K-1
  • Sundays at 10:45 a.m.—grades K-1

KidNation (lower level, below Turtle Lake Café)

  • Sundays at 9:00 a.m.—grades 2-3
  • Sundays at 10:45 a.m.—grades 2-5

Both KidTown and KidNation use stories from the Bible to help kids understand the Big Story that God has been writing across the entire history of the world…and we are a part of that story!

Club45 (main level, The Refinery, located closest to Vicksburg Lane)

  • Sundays at 9:00 a.m.—grades 4-5

Designed with pre-teens in mind, this ministry helps kids integrate their faith with their everyday lives using high-energy activities, same-gender small groups, and large-group worship and teaching.



Using proven children's curriculum from Awana Clubs International, Awana Together empowers parents to lead faith discovery in the context of family life.
Explore Awana Curriculum


Awana Together seeks to empower families to grow together in their faith in Jesus and invite other families to do the same.
Watch the Promo Video


In addition to time together as a family, Awana Together participants enjoy time with their peers as well!
See the Awana Together Nightly Schedule

What is Awana Together?
It’s an innovative program for kids, parents, grandparents…anyone in your family system who wants to know more about following Jesus. Families gather together weekly with others to connect, have fun, and explore faith together.

Who can come?

When does Awana Together meet?
Wednesdays, 6:00-7:45 p.m. beginning September 11

What does the night look like?

  • WORSHIP: start the night praising God all together
  • CONNECT: age-specific programming for everyone
  • BLESS: end the night together, reminded of God’s love

What is the cost?
There’s an annual program fee of $30 per family, plus handbooks and uniforms as needed ($10 each). Scholarships are available.

What do you need to order?

Puggles (2 yr olds): both the story cards and the Puggles t-shirt are completely optional.

Cubbies (3-5 yr olds): all Cubbies need to order the Cubbies handbooks and the Cubbies vest is recommended for all first-time Cubbies. The vests run small, so order up a size or two since they need to wear it for two years.

Sparks (K-2nd grade): all first time Sparks (regardless of grade) need to order the HangGlider handbook.

Continuing Sparks who finished their handbook last year will order the next handbook:

  • Year 1: HangGlider (green)
  • Year 2: WingRunner (blue)
  • Year 3: SkyStormer (red)

Continuing Sparks who did not finish their handbook last year will continue in the book they have and do not need to order a handbook at this time.

The Sparks uniform is recommended for all first-time Sparks. They will wear the vest through 2nd grade, so you may want to order a larger size to accommodate growth.

Truth & Training (3rd-5th grade): all first time T&T kids (regardless of grade) need to order T&T Grace in Action.

Continuing T&T kids who finished their handbook last year will order the next handbook.

  • Year 1: Grace in Action
  • Year 2: T&T Evidence of Grace
  • Year 3: T&T Agents of Grace (new curriculum) or Ultimate Challenge 1 (old curriculum)
  • Year 4: Discovery of Grace (new curriculum) or Ultimate Challenge 2 (old curriculum)

Continuing T&T kids who did not finish their handbook last year will continue in the book they have and do not need to order a handbook at this time.

The T&T uniform is recommended for all first-time T&T kids. They will wear the uniform through 5th grade, so you may want to order a larger size to accommodate growth.

NOTE: If you have a 2nd grader that has finished the Sparks books or a 4th/5th grader that has finished the T&T books, please contact Pastor Sara about which handbook to order. You can use the “Ask a Question” button below to send her an email.

Questions? Contact Pastor Sara at sara@plymouthcovenant.org



Simply fill out the form below and Sara Sosa, Pastor to Kids and Families, will be happy to connect with you.