Our mission in Ethiopia is to partner with local ministries to impact their community and share the love of Christ.

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Plymouth Covenant Church partners with the Templo Siloé Church in Mucel, MX, a small Mayan community on the Yucatán Peninsula.
Mayan’s live a very simple life and have a heart for reaching their community and surrounding villages with the love of Jesus.
Mucel provides a wonderful, family-friendly mission experience. Partnering with Covenant Merge Ministries, we’re supported by missionary, Mario Valdes, on each trip.
Mucel’s Templo Siloé Church was 3 concrete walls in 2009. Over the years it’s become a center for church and community activity.
AWANA was launched and with strong leadership, expanded to a second Mayan village.
During COVID-19, food was scarce. Through Unleashing Hope, PCC provided 2 food distributions for the village of 1,200 people.

More about our Missions Partner:

Mission Name: Forgotten People
Location (City, Country): Yerer region of Ethiopia
Mission Partner Contact: Endalew Terefe
PCC Contact:
Laure Burgess

In order to reach the forgotten people, we work alongside Megersa Kumbi, originally from Ethiopia. When he was called by God to serve the forgotten children of East Africa, he gave up his job with the Cancer Society so he would have time to make a difference. We will also be working with HMCHA (Holistic Ministry of the Children of the Horn of Africa), a 501(c)(3) non-profit.