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Church Center App

We have a new church app that is free to download and use on Android (Google Play) or iOS (Apple APP Store). It is called “Church Center” and it works closely with our church database (Planning Center Online).

This mobile app will let you:

  • update your church profile information
  • give donations
  • check-in your household for worship services before you even arrive

We will not be passing the “black book” anymore during our worship services – but we still want to know that you were worshipping with us. You can check in anytime during the day of the worship service that you attend – we even have a Sunday online service for you to check-in. By checking-in we are made aware of who has been in attendance and who might need some follow-up care. In addition, by checking in we can quickly send an important notification to all those who attended a service.

If you have any questions, please contact our church office at your convenience (763-559-4300 or info@plymouthcovenant.org).

Thanks for making room for this APP on your phone and checking-in with us regularly.


Friday, July 31, 2020