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NEW Church Re-Opening Plans

We are excited about the opportunity to reopen our church building while remaining committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for our staff, volunteers, and congregation. The church is essential AND safe practices are essential! 
A special task force has been assembled to develop and implement our preparedness plan and guidelines. The guidelines will include detailed directions for social distancing and sanitization as we seek to comply with government requirements and follow safe practices. In spite of these extra measures, there is a possibility of contracting COVID-19 while attending our church. We ask that you prayerfully consider how you can best keep your family safe during these challenging times. 
We are looking forward to having you back in our church building. It is our plan to reopen the building carefully. For now we will only allow groups meeting in the church building that have been approved by the church office and that will be supervised by a church staff member. This requirement will help us comply with state requirements and consistently follow our safety guidelines. Therefore, outside groups and family/friend activities will not be allowed in the building at this time.
We plan on resuming congregational worship gatherings in our church on the weekend of June 6th. We understand that there will be two general responses to this decision.
Many households will choose to stay-at-home. Please be assured that you have our blessing and full support! You need to do what you believe is best for you and your family. We ask anyone to stay home who is sick, feeling sick, exposed to the virus, caring for someone who is sick, or is in a high-risk category. We will continue to support those who stay-at-home by providing quality online services, resources for home use, virtual meetings and meaningful congregational care.
Many households are ready to come-to-church. We welcome you and will strive to provide a safe environment. We will be adding some additional services at different days/times in order to accommodate as many as possible while still complying with the 25% seating capacity limit. We will be blocking off rows and separating households with empty seats. Our ability to offer a separate children’s program will be limited, but we believe a shorter service (45 minutes) and sensitivity to all ages will provide a positive experience for everyone. We will be doing our best to make it a touchless experience by having the doors open, not distributing hand-outs, not passing the offering plates or attendance books, using pre-packaged communion, reserving the balcony for “masks only”, and minimizing the sharing of resources. Your help and cooperation will be highly appreciated – “No hugging, no hand-shaking and no hanging out.”
As we plan these midsize worship gatherings, we would like to hear from you regarding your preferences. We are aware that many people have strong feelings about how we should worship during this NOW normal. It is our desire to tailor some of these worship services in order to accommodate as many people as possible. Early next week we will send you a schedule with all of the service options asking you to select the service that you will choose to attend. Your selection will help us monitor and regulate our service attendance.RIGHT NOW – if Plymouth Covenant is your church home, please follow this link and honestly share your responses. This is time-sensitive and we need your response to this poll by Sunday midnight, May 31st.
Thank you so much for your support and cooperation.


Monday, June 1, 2020




Dan Johnson