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Daniel Study

We find ourselves living in a strange land watching the unimaginable take place in front of our eyes. The world all around us has gone crazy. Everywhere you look people are discouraged. Frustration is growing and angry people are resorting to violence and anarchy. Life as we know it has changed so drastically that we frame things in terms of the new normal. People are becoming more divided every day and unwilling to have respectful dialogue or work toward solutions. Some people have put their heads in the sand and are pretending like nothing is happening and others are preparing for the end of the world. Is there a healthy alternative? 

The book of Daniel offers a compelling vision in the midst of chaos.  He trusted a powerful God who allowed him to see a remarkable future. He modeled a way to honor God, treat people well and make a significant difference in a hurting world.  

Join us, as we learn from Daniel how to flourish in less than ideal circumstances even when a growing number of people no longer share our values, priorities or beliefs. 


Tuesday, September 29, 2020 - Tuesday, November 10, 2020


07:00 p.m. - 08:00 p.m.




Bob Leinberger