Listen Up! Series

God is speaking all the time… Do you hear Him?

It is time to LISTEN UP!
  BUT… How can I hear the voice of God?
  BUT… Why would God want to talk to me?
  BUT… What could God be saying to me?
  BUT… Can I be sure that it is God speaking?
  BUT… How should I respond to His voice?

These are all important questions. We believe God is actively communicating with us – through the Bible, circumstances, whispers, friends and His Holy Spirit. We have ears, but we must learn to Listen Up!

Join us for our Fall Series as we listen each weekend to a teaching from God’s word and then meet in small groups throughout the week to discuss and apply new ways to LISTEN UP! This series will cultivate a deeper connection with God as you are equipped to recognize God’s voice and value His conversations with you.

Our series begins the weekend of September 21st.

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We have small groups meeting almost every evening of the week – some special groups for parents of teens and empty nesters on Saturday evening after the service. A small group will help you get better connected with others and deepen your relationship with Jesus.

Questions? Contact Pastor Bob or Pastor Dan – they promise to listen.

More small group resources on the Listen UP! Page


Saturday, September 21, 2019


06:30 p.m. - 07:30 p.m.


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Bob Leinberger