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Saturday Shift

Would you consider making the SHIFT to start regularly attending Saturday evening worship services starting September 14?

Saturday night at Plymouth Covenant is a great worship option for many! The atmosphere, worship, message, children’s ministry, the coffee… are all the same! And no morning alarm clock needed! The only difference with coming on Saturday evening might be the relaxed, casual gathering afterwards and all the available parking spots.

Some good reasons to consider making the SHIFT:

1) Help us make spaces on Sundays in the seats and parking lot. We don’t want people seeking Jesus to leave because they couldn’t find room.

2) You will help us strengthen our Saturday evening congregation and ministry.

3) You will find it easier to connect with other people since there is no rush or crowd.

4) You can enjoy a free dinner at Loaves & Fishes and then stay after for treats.

5) You could join a great small group that meets after the service (perfect for singles, empty nesters and Ignite parents).

6) Your elementary kids get to join parents for the singing and dedications/baptisms before heading off to their own ministry area during the sermon.

7) You will have fun with our monthly special activities like games, bingo, trivia,

8) You have permission to sleep in on Sunday morning and enjoy the entire day with your family. Imagine sitting on your deck with a cup of coffee or taking a road trip.

We are asking you to make a comittment to do your best to attend Saturday evenings from September 14 – December 28.

If you are ready to make the SHIFT TO SATURDAY, please let us know by signing up HERE (we will reserve you a t-shirt).


Saturday, September 14, 2019


06:30 p.m. - 07:30 p.m.






Dan Johnson