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Senior’s Movie Event

Attention all Seniors!

A prodigal father. A wayward son. An old story retold in an exciting, entertaining and engaging way. Come and join us for a special viewing of this feature film from The Master’s University on Wednesday, June 16th, at 1:00 PM. We will save you a seat in The Refinery at Plymouth Covenant (door #1) and even share some  popcorn and refreshments.

Listen to what people are saying about this special movie:

“This is a great story about fathers and sons, the power of forgiveness, and the beauty of a transformed life.”

“The Man From Nowhere is a fun and entertaining move that reminds you
what’s important in life.”

“Go on this journey… you will be inspired, entertained, and moved to your very core. The Man From Nowhere is well worth the journey.”

Find out more: https://manfromnowheremovie.com/


Wednesday, June 16, 2021


01:00 p.m.


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