Dedicated volunteers from more than 90 congregations throughout the Twin Cities metro area make hot meals, lead activities, and set up comfortable spaces to sleep as they host families overnight for a week at a time.

During the day, families work with our case managers based on their unique needs, finding support as they transition from temporary shelter to an established home. At our Program Centers, parents may search for a new home, do laundry, go to work or search for a new job, while their children play or go to school. Through the entire experience, we foster an environment of dignity and resilience.

As a host church, PCC extends hospitality by providing overnight shelter for four families that are in transition by setting up private sleeping rooms, sharing meals each night, and joining in fellowship with our guests.


If you have any questions or would like to find out more about how to get involved with this ministry, please contact Cyndy Jahnke at cyndy_jahnke@hotmail.com