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At Plymouth Covenant Church, we love families of all kinds! This page will provide some useful resources that we think will help families navigate life and faith at home. Take a look around! We plan to update this page weekly with new ideas and resources for you to enjoy during this unique season of life.


We will continue to offer Sunday School lessons for both preschool and elementary aged kids throughout the fall! Using a new tool called Playlister, you can access the same lesson being taught at church from home!

Here’s how it works:

1. Open this Family Resources webpage on any internet connected device you wish to use.

2. Click one of the lesson links below to open Playlister.

3. Click “Watch Now” and enjoy engaging worship and Bible teaching together!

Week of January 10th, 2020

Preschool (First Look):
“Jesus Teaches at the Temple” Luke 2:41-50

K-5 (252 Basics):
“Bigger Barns”
Luke 12:16-21

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Additional Sunday School resources are still available for your family to use at home through our private Facebook groups. Click on the buttons below to check them out! 

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While waiting to “miss this,” what if I really miss this?

“The truth is, you will have some really great and unforgettable moments, but those moments might be scattered between some long stretches of really, really hard.

It’s not about enjoying every minute . . . it’s about enjoying the ones you can and making the most of the ones that are harder to embrace.

But there is a closely related danger in the nature of survival…

While I am waiting to “miss this,” what if I really miss this?”


Read the article HERE


videos from children's ministry

weekly bible story videos from mr. bill

other online resources for family faith

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