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At Plymouth Covenant Church, we love families of all kinds! This page will provide some useful resources that we think will help families navigate life and faith at home. Take a look around! We plan to update this page weekly with new ideas and resources for you to enjoy during this unique season of life.


At Home Sunday School for the week of April 25th, 2021

AWANA Together is fully online and full of fun for the whole family!

Additional Resources are available for your family through our private Facebook groups! 

Vacation Bible School
June 21st-24th @4:00-6:15 PM

We are so excited to be able to offer this VBS both in person at church, and as an online experience for families at home!

We hope you will join us for this fun, memorable week as we help kids grow in confidence that they are known, they belong, they are forgiven, they can change, and they can make a difference!


Currently, registration is all filled up, but our waitlists are open! We are already working hard to recruit enough leaders to make room for as many VBS attendees as possible, so if you know of anyone who is willing and able to serve please let us know!

Registration for our waitlist HERE

It's Not Just You: Making Other Adult Friends is Hard

“I think the reason that making adult friendships is so hard is because, for most of our lives, our friends were handed to us. Our elementary school classmates, our high school sports teammates, and even our college roommates. But as the adult years creep in, a lot of those early friendships begin to fade out.

Having friends is good! And they are good for you! Therefore, if you are passionate about self-care then you should be making friends and enriching those relationships. Investing in friendships is investing in yourself.”



Read the article HERE


videos from children's ministry

weekly bible story videos from mr. bill

other online resources for family faith

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