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It is our global mission strategy to build significant partnerships with like-minded ministries. It has been exciting to watch how God has connected us with some amazing partners and opportunities and around the world. Our global mission leadership team works closely with each of our missionary partners to develop regular ministry opportunities that will strengthen the mission, strengthen our partnership with the mission, and strengthen our relationships with God.


All upcoming Trips have been suspended until further notice!


JUNE 13-20, 2020
Contact: Sanjeev Bhonsle
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DEC. 2020
Contact: Chris Laird
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Previous Trips

PARTNER Locations

Mission: Alaska Christian College
Location: Soldotna, Alaska
Mission Partner Contact: Keith Hamilton
Their Role: President
PCC Contact: Trent Johnson 
ACC exists to transform Alaskan native college students through biblically based education. ACC prepares young people for whole-life discipleship, empowering students to become all that God has created them to be. Each student is encouraged toward a personal plan that promotes holistic lifestyles; education toward life goals; and service to God, church, and others.

Mission Name: Hopkins Village
Location: Hopkins Village, Stann Creek District, Belize
Mission Partner Contact: Pastor Edwin (Herdie) Castillo
Their Role: Pastor, Worship Leader, Evangelist
PCC Contact: 
Tim Markson

Pastor Herdie helped to plant the first Christian church to the Garifuna people in southern Belize over 25 years ago. He continues the spiritual battle of calling new believers to reach other Garifuna communities for Christ. He is passionate about discipleship, training the younger generations to lead, and bringing the hope of Christ to a dark spiritual belief system that is longing for freedom from the bondage of eternal darkness. God continues to also use his songwriting (in a very musical, story-telling culture) to do evangelistic outreach, concerts, and teaching throughout Central America. God is using this as the biggest breakthrough of all to the Garifuna.

Mission Name: Forgotten People
Location (City, Country): Yerer region of Ethiopia
Mission Partner Contact: Endalew Terefe
PCC Contact:
Laure Burgess

In order to reach the forgotten people, we work alongside Megersa Kumbi, originally from Ethiopia. When he was called by God to serve the forgotten children of East Africa, he gave up his job with the Cancer Society so he would have time to make a difference. We will also be working with HMCHA (Holistic Ministry of the Children of the Horn of Africa), a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Mission: Anurag Society
Location: Delhi, India
Mission Partner Contact: Mrs. Prem Gideon
Her Role: Managing Director
PCC Contact:
Jeanine Viani
Prem Gideon founded Anurag Society in 1990 to a small number of children with lunch and an after-school program. Anurag, which means “eternal love” in Hindi, now serves more than 1,000 women and children every day. It employs 103 staff members, mostly women from the community. Jacob Gideon, Prem’s husband, volunteers full-time at Anurag; he handles accounting, business matters, food and materials purchasing, and other “behind-the-scenes” work.
Next Info Meeting for mission trip in March 2019 will be Sunday, November 18 @ 10:20 a.m. in room #35.

Mission Name: Japan ECC
Location (City, Country): Japan
Mission Partner Contact: Gary & Pauline Carlson
Their Role: Evangelical Covenant Missionaries
PCC Contact:
Betty Ouellette 

Gary and Pauline have been full-time missionaries in Japan since 1983. They have been married for 35 years and have two sons, Adam and Andrew. Adam is married to Megumi; they have three children and live in Tokyo. Andrew is married to Cami and lives in Kansas City. Gary is currently serving as the interim senior pastor at Shonan Community Church after the recent departure of Pastors Akio & Noriko Kawamura. After 9 years of ministry at Shonan Community Church the Kawamura’s are leaving to serve at another Japan Covenant Church. Gary will serve in this role until next year when

Gary: Shares pastoring responsibilities with Pastor Bang at Shonan Community Church.
Teaches English Bible Studies and serves as a board member at Odawara Christian Center. Gary is also a member of the Japan Covenant Administrative Committee
Teaches a missiology class at Covenant Seminary in Tokyo

Pauline: Assists with ministry at Shonan Community Church
Teaches conversational English to mothers of preschool kids, older women, elementary and junior high students.
Chairman of the board of Christian Academy in Japan (CAJ), a school for missionary kids


Mission Name: Light of Hope
Location (City, Country): Naivasha, Kenya
Mission Partner Contact: Boni and Sandy Karanja
Their Role: Directors of Light of Hope
PCC Contact:
Anne Boldt

 Light of Hope Home and School in Naivasha, Kenya

A place of RefugeRestoration and Redirection that provides a home and schooling for approximately 100 orphaned, abandoned or neglected girls from the ages of 4 to adulthood. Its mission is to bring hope and restoration to young, broken lives through the love of Jesus Christ. 

Each girl receives emotional and spiritual nurturing to encourage growth and healing in a safe environment.

The girls receive quality education, Christian studies and career development so they will become successful members of society and be given a new chance at life. 

Light of Hope Home and School is in Naivasha, Kenya with a US office in Plymouth, Minnesota.

Primary Contact: Boni (a Kenyan native) and his wife Sandy Karanja are the founders and directors of Light of Hope and attend PCC when they are not on the mission field.  Staff in Kenya includes over 20 teachers, house moms, social worker, director, cooks and grounds keepers.

You can support Light of Hope by praying for the ministry and the girls of Light of Hope, by supporting a girl with a monthly donation or attending fundraisers to support the ministry.  Learn more at

Mission: Love for Kenya
Location: Lucciola, Vihiga County in Kenya
Mission Partner Contact: Pastor Francis Ranagwa
His Role: Director of Love for Kenya
PCC Contact: Randy Darling 
Pastor Francis is the founder of Love for Kenya. He is a pastor of 30 years, married to Florence, and has six children. They took a step of faith in 2000, taking in over 20 orphans into their small home. Out of their obedience, Love for Kenya was birthed. They equip and mobilize others to minister to the most vulnerable Kenyans. Pastor Francis and Pastor Randy of PCC have been friends for over 25 years. As a result of their friendship, God has knit together a strong relational foundation for long-term partnerships. Randy and his wife April have led trips to Kenya for the past eight years.

Mission Name: Templo Siloa
Location: Mucel, Mexico
Mission Partner Contact: Mario Valdes, Pastor Martin
Their Role: Trip Facilitator for Merge Ministries
PCC Contact:
Deb Pritchard

Partnering with Covenant Merge Ministries, we are building a long-term relationship with an Assemblies of God church in Mucel, Mexico which is located in the Yucatan Peninsula.  Mucel is a small Mayan village of about 1000 people.  The Templo Siloé church has a heart for reaching their community and surrounding villages with the love of Jesus.  They lead a very simple way of life.  Most people in the village speak Maya…an old indigenous language that dates back thousands of years.  Their second language is Spanish and they speak little to no English.

Between the two churches in the town there are about 200 people who attend. This leaves 80% of the community unreached at this point. There are also about five smaller communities nearby that make up a population of about 1000 more people. There are no evangelical churches in those communities and the Mucel church wants to not only reach their own community for Christ, but desire to reach local communities as well. These types of outreach ministries are something they desire, but they lack the resources and training to do that well, at this point. 

Pastor Martin and church leadership team of eight men and women are highly motivated. We have been impressed with their desire to reach their community for Christ. This is a reason we have chosen this community and church to partner with. Their spiritual leadership and desire to reach others for Christ is beyond the norm and impressive. That is why we feel it is worth it for our church to invest time, prayer, people and resources to further the work of this church.

Mission: Hogar Rancho de Hebron
Location: Carazo, Nicaragua
Mission Partner Contact: Jossiel Diaz
Their Role: Native missionary
PCC Contact:
Jon Overlie

The Diaz family started a private orphanage in 2003 to serve the children of an impoverished neighborhood. Nicolas and Karla Diaz were led by the Lord to sell everything and move their family from Managua to this property, which served as the center for their ministry. The PCC youth group began its relationship with Diaz family in 2008, when they served at the orphanage and this relationship has continued to grow. PCC formally initiated our partnership with them in 2013. Jossiel Diaz, son of Nicholas and Karla, now leads this ministry, as Nicolas passed away in 2014 after a fight with cancer. Jossiel lives in nearby Jinotepe with his wife Maryurie, and their infant daughter, Vanessa. Jossiel’s older brother, Emerson, serves as a youth pastor in Mississippi, with his wife Amanda and infant daughter, Isabella. Emerson and his church in Mississippi support the ministry financially and my brining teams to serve in Nicaragua. Hazel, Karla and Nicolas’ daughter, and her husband, Jose, live on the property with their infant son Jose Nicolas. The youngest son, Erik, just finished high school and lives at home with Karla.

Mission: Orphanage Ministry
Location: Russia
Mission Partner Contact: Diana
Her Role: Volunteer
PCC Contact: 
Susan Folen
The Russia mission team from Plymouth Covenant knows more than 100 children by name who all grew up in a specific orphanage in Russia. About 70 of these kids have “outgrown” the orphanage after grade 9, and are moving into “adult” life. A team of local Christians is working to serve and teach these children. They encourage the kids to see that there is a hope beyond what they see in the world, in their schools, and in the orphanage. They are continuing to build a ministry to help the kids find positive life situations after the orphanage. The PCC team makes regular contact via the Internet. We visit Russia to remind the kids of God’s message, and to encourage the local Christians in this ministry. We are also in the early stages of building friendships with the adult staff in a second orphanage, and praying for open doors for future ministry there.


Make a difference in the life of an impoverished child. Sponsor a child in one of the ministries we support as a church—Anurag Society in India, HMCHA in Ethiopia, Light of Hope in Kenya, or Love for Kenya. Sponsorship dollars provide things like food, clothing, education, and shelter for children through these ministries. Take a look at the sponsorship brochure for details, and to see where God leads you to give.



You can make an online donation for missions by clicking on the button below, by writing a check with “Missions” in the memo and placing it in the offering plate, or by mailing a check in to the church office. 


At Thanksgiving, we take a special Unleashing Hope offering to support special projects with our ten global mission partners. We want to impact God’s kingdom in big ways, and Unleashing Hope is our time to dream—and give—big!


You can support one of our current mission teams by mailing your donation to the church or by making an online donation by using the “GIVE” button in the missions trip section above.

If you are writing a check, you will need to include the following on a separate piece of paper: location of the mission and name of person or team you wish to support (ex. Mexico, John Smith). PLEASE NOTE: Do not write this information on the memo line of the check as that will cancel your ability to include your donation as a deduction on your taxes.



Please pray regularly for our global mission partners. Inform your prayers by reading the monthly mission prayer calendar.


Give financially through our general budget (almost 20% of our annual budget goes to missions outside our church), our Thanksgiving Unleashing Hope offering for special projects, one of our mission teams, or a mission partner through their own mission sending agency.


Prayerfully consider going on an upcoming mission trip with Plymouth Covenant by submitting an application.

If you are from our church and plan to go on a mission trip not sponsored by Plymouth Covenant, you can request support by completing an short- term mission application, and someone will contact you regarding possible next steps.


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