“Today there are all kinds of ideas about what it means to be spiritual. Some people say that spiritual maturity is defined at its core by being busy with a lot of religious activities, others say it comes from knowing a lot about the Bible, and others say it is achieved by piling up spiritual accomplishments. The Pharisees did all these things, and Jesus said they were the least fruitful of anybody (Matthew 23:23-26). What does the genuine article look like? How does authentic spiritual growth happen?

We will be devoting seven-weeks to help you grow stronger in your faith and take the next steps on your pathway towards maturity:

  • On the Weekend Services we will take an in depth look at the lives of six real people that encountered Jesus. We are hoping that you see yourself in their decisions and how they operated.
  • During the Encounter Study, on Tuesday nights, starting January 18 from 7-8:30pm, we will be concentrating on the essential ingredients to make lasting gains in your spiritual maturity.