Partnering with "Hope Sewn" in Lafito, Haiti to bring women up and out of prostitution through work and faith in Jesus Christ.

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PCC has been partnering with the "Hope Sewn" sewing shop in the heart of Lafito, Haiti since 2020
Hope Sewn has given Mirelle a job so she can provide for her handicapped boy
Most Haitians come from poor homes where a pillow is considered luxury! These ladies just finished their sewing project and each now own a down pillow!
Bilha is a single mom whose wages support her mom, 2 siblings and her daughter. Bilha is also the “House Mom” for the 5 Girls In Need to live in the back of the Hope Sewn shop.
Hope Sewn has created a safe place to live, earn an honest wage and given these ladies worth
Ron and Chris Lyrek have helped build the shop and provide resources for the ladies to sew and earn money to provide for themselves.

Ways that PCC has made an impact in the community...

Money from PCC has given 10 families a new roof, keeping their homes dry and warm
As well as built homes for families who otherwise would be living in a make-shift shack
There are 6 girls who live in the back part of the Hope Sewn shop. They come from abusive families or would be living on the street. PCC has provided funds to buy bunk beds and monthly food and hygiene supplies.
PCC has generously given Hope Sewn monies for medical needs. One of the GIN, Erlande Orelus, had issues with her eyes so we were able to have her seen by an eye doctor.

More about our Missions Partner:

Mission Name: Hope Sewn
Location: Lafito, Haiti
Mission Partner Contact: Ricardo Charles
Their Role: President of Hope Sewn
PCC Contact: 
Chris Lyrek

When PCC added Hope Sewn as a Global Partner it was like adding a turbo engine to a push cart.The reach and scope of Hope Sewn in the village of Minoterie, Haiti has been greatly expanded in so many ways. Firstly, PCC has helped to build several new homes for families living in literal shacks made of pallets, tarps and sheets of corrugated metal. One of these recipients is a Hope Sewn employee, Duecillia. She now has a dry, comfortable and safe home for her children and extended family. She was so shocked to be a reciant of a new home (see photo). Other projects that PCC had funded are new roofs for 10 homes in and around the Hope Sewn shop. In the rainy season many people have roofs that leak so terribly that the dirt floor in their homes turn to mud and  they are forced to sleep sitting up. PCC is changing that for 10 blessed families. Additionally, the need for public bathrooms is so great that school age children don’t have access to  facilities during the school day. PCC has begun to build 3 public bathrooms with flush toilets! Having these physical needs met will bring dignity and hope to the village of Minoterie. Ricardo Charles, Hope Sewn President, is spearheading these construction projects and he is widely known in the village as a man of God. The leaders in the area are so thankful for Ricardos strength of character that they’ve asked him to run for public office. Having Godly leadership in Haiti, now there’s a life changing, village changing, country changing idea!