At Plymouth Covenant Church, people are welcome to come and encounter God with us through worship, fellowship, and discipleship. Membership isn’t a requirement to become a valued, integral part of our community.

We want each person who walks through our doors to be encouraged in their faith and inspired to serve. We offer a class, Discover3, to help people find their spiritual gifts and get connected to the ministries where they can be most effective and most energized.

We encourage individuals to become members at Plymouth Covenant in order to have the opportunity to vote on church matters, to lead on important teams, and to receive some special perks like facility use.

If you’re interested in learning more, attend our next membership dinner. In addition to enjoying food and fun, you’ll learn about the history, beliefs, purpose, and mission of our church. Meet others who are new to Plymouth Covenant and discover what makes Plymouth Covenant such a special place. You’ll leave understanding how we make decisions and why we do things the way we do. This dinner is required in order to become a member.

Contact the church office at 763-559-4300 if you have questions about membership.