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Thank you for considering our church and pastoral staff for this very important step of commitment: marriage. Please submit your wedding request using our online form, or contact our church office at 763-559-4300 with any initial questions.

On the online form, you can request a specific pastor to officiate at your ceremony, but our pastoral team will determine who would be best suited and available for your premarital counseling and wedding ceremony. It is our church policy to discourage our pastors from officiating at a Saturday wedding when they are scheduled to preach that evening at a regular weekend worship service.

As soon as possible, a pastor will contact you to schedule an interview to discuss your wedding plans. If you have not been contacted within a week of submitting your request, please verify that we have received your request by calling the church office.

Following a favorable pastoral interview, you must “save the date” for a wedding ceremony at our facility by submitting a $150 non-refundable deposit to the church office. This amount will be deducted from your total wedding fees. This deposit is not required for a ceremony hosted off-site.

See below FAQ’s for more information 

Wedding Ceremony
A traditional wedding costs $700. A wedding liaison and the pastor will work with you to make this a special day by assisting you with your ceremony preparations. On your wedding day, you will have access to our foyer, sanctuary, and dressing rooms. We anticipate that you will be scheduling a rehearsal and photo session prior to the ceremony. Our sound technician will oversee the audio. The $700 fee will cover the honorarium for the pastor ($150), wedding liaison ($125), custodian ($100), audio tech ($100), pre-marriage counseling ($150), and our wedding fund ($75). In addition, a video technician may also be hired to cover any use of projection screens or video recording of the ceremony ($100).
“No Frills” Wedding
It will cost $200 for a small, no-frills wedding. You would not be assigned a wedding liaison, nor would you have access to the church to dress or take photos. This is a simple wedding ceremony with the officiating pastor coordinating all aspects of the wedding. The fee covers the honorarium for the pastor ($150) and the custodian ($50).
Off-site Wedding
If your wedding ceremony is off-site, we suggest that you provide an honorarium for the officiating pastor ($200).
Damage Deposit
In addition to the wedding fees outlined above, a damage deposit of $100 is required for wedding ceremonies. This fee is due one week before the ceremony.  If there is no damage, this amount will be returned within two weeks after the ceremony.
Please speak with your wedding liaison regarding the possibility of holding your reception or rehearsal dinner at the church. Additional fees will be charged for custodian, A/V tech, use of kitchen, linens, etc. We are not a reception venue so we are limited in what we can provide. Alcohol is not allowed on our premises.

The wedding coordinator will:

  • Provide a tour of the facility and discuss the details of your wedding, instruct the wedding party on church policy and the use of church property
  • Arrange for a sound technician and janitor
  • Be available during the rehearsal and ceremony to assist the wedding party


At Plymouth Covenant, we don’t see our facility as a “rental” for wedding ceremonies. We view these ceremonies as sacred, therefore they should be officiated by a member of our pastoral team. Any exception to this policy must be approved by the church. In these exceptions, the wedding fee will be $500.

We believe it is not enough to plan a beautiful wedding day, a couple must make thorough preparations for their life together. We will ask the couple to attend our premarital classes and/or meet with the officiating pastor for several counseling sessions. In addition, we would like the couple to regularly attend worship services at our church or at another evangelical church that is near their home prior to the marriage ceremony.

Contact Us

For any questions about wedding expectations, costs, availability, etc., email our wedding coordinator, Betty Ouellette at betty@plymouthcovenant.org or call 763-559-4300, ext. 201.