Our mission in India is to partner with Anurag to build lasting relationships with the community and make an eternal impact in the lives they serve.

Anurag Society is in New Delhi, India. They are committed to changing the lives of women and children in India. The word Anurag means “eternal love” – and the organization is fueled with love, hard work, and sacrifice while meeting the needs around them.
Anurag started in 1990 with 25 children. Now, through education and other services, they are bringing hope and a future to more than 500 women and children. Children from the ages of 12 months to adults nearing 80 are enrolled in various programs, including daycare facilities for infants and toddlers, K-8 schooling, after-school programs, government-recognized sewing and tailoring schools for young adults, computer courses, teacher training, adult literacy programs for women, and healthcare services.
In 2007, Kurt Nelson led a mission team from PCC to Anurag, and our partnership began. Today, over 100 PCC families sponsor over 150 children at Anurag. PCC sponsors their annual Teen Camp. We also provide monthly support for education programs at the school. Each year, one to two mission teams visit India to support the school with programming and prayer support.

More about our Missions Partner:

Mission: Anurag Society
Location: Delhi, India
Mission Partner Contact: Mrs. Prem Gideon
Her Role: Managing Director
PCC Contact:
Jeanine Viani
Prem Gideon founded Anurag Society in 1990 to a small number of children with lunch and an after-school program. Anurag, which means “eternal love” in Hindi, now serves more than 1,000 women and children every day. It employs 103 staff members, mostly women from the community. Jacob Gideon, Prem’s husband, volunteers full-time at Anurag; he handles accounting, business matters, food and materials purchasing, and other “behind-the-scenes” work.