We believe God is at work in our church and invite you to consider joining us in this Kingdom ministry.

The purpose of this internship program is to engage participants in a variety of ministry opportunities and learning environments that will:

  • Deepen their character
  • Develop their competence
  • Discover what they carry
  • Discern their calling
  • Deploy them in a healthy church
Requirements & Details
  • The intern will be a mature Christian who has a teachable, humble spirit
  • The intern is at least an 18-year-old high school graduate who is feeling called to pursue Christian ministry
  • The intern is aligned with our purpose, vision, affirmations, values, and programs
  • The intern will choose a specific ministry track: children, youth, women, men, adult, or worship
  • The intern will develop a ministry plan and schedule with their church internship supervisor
  • The intern will be encouraged to take risks as they explore, experience, and engage in ministry
  • The intern will develop a habit of enjoying daily time with God worshiping, reading, praying, listening, and journaling
  • The intern will serve for nine months at our church from October through May with two weeks of vacation
  • The intern will serve a minimum of 15 hours per week, including Sundays
  • The intern will meet weekly with their internship supervisor for personal mentoring and ministry planning
  • The intern will participate once a month on Sunday for a staff lunch, team building, review, and coaching
  • The intern will attend an off-site fall and spring retreat with the entire pastoral team
  • The intern will receive a monthly stipend of $400 to cover their basic needs and personal ministry expenses
  • The intern agrees to abide by our internship code of conduct
Code of Conduct

Our internship code of conduct states, “As an intern at Plymouth Covenant Church, I agree:

  • To apply myself wholeheartedly in this program as I pursue excellence and be diligent to do whatever is good
  • To attend all team meetings, internship classes, ministry sessions, and special events as prescribed
  • To strive for unity by showing true humility, slandering no one, being peaceable and considerate to all
  • To support the purpose, vision, affirmations, values, and programs of Plymouth Covenant Church
  • To follow all operating procedures and ministry policies of Plymouth Covenant Church
  • To cultivate good relationships socially with others and to do my part to resolve conflicts that may arise
  • To be responsive to the authorities placed over me in this internship, including the church pastors and leaders
  • To be above reproach and full of integrity in my personal walk, talk, finances, relationships, and lifestyle
  • To be conscientious of public perception and avoid situations that could be interpreted as compromising
  • To abstain from gambling, drunkenness, tobacco use, and all immoral or illegal acts both on and off church property
  • To commit to sexual purity by refraining from any sexual gratification outside of my marriage”

How to Apply

To be considered for an internship at Plymouth Covenant Church, you must:

  1. Submit the online application
  2. Agree to a background check and a review of your personal references
  3. Meet for a personal interview with the internship team as requested
  4. Honor the final decision regarding acceptance in this program

HAVE questions?

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Dan Johnson
Senior Pastor