How do we know what is true and who to trust? We find ourselves living in a moment with a growing cultural divide between political parties, economic philosophies, and competing worldviews. Throw in a global pandemic, racial tension, and angry outburst and there seems to be a fire keg ready to explode. The chasm is deep, the rhetoric destructive and the intensity is increasing. Everyone is being pressured to pick a side and take a stand, then to yell as loudly as they can, drowning out the voices of the opposition. Is there a better way? Do we owe our allegiance to this world and it’s competing kingdoms?

Join us for a for a 10-week in-depth look at two of the best known, but least understood sermons of Jesus.  Discover a clear path forward and a life worth living in the Sermon on the Mount. Uncover hope, learn how to make decisions and order your priorities in the Olivet Discourse. You can live right-side up in a world that is upside down.