KENYA-Love for Kenya

Our mission at Love for Kenya is to equip and mobilize others to minister to the most vulnerable in Kenyan communities

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Love for Kenya – Creating hope for the day and dreams for the future.
Reaching and loving the poorest of the poor, the outcasts in society, the widows in Kenya.
Child sponsorship coming alive as Randy Darling was able to meet the child he sponsors on a PCC trip.
Loving and providing basic needs and the love of Jesus to Sophina, a blind widow.
Providing a basic need of an outhouse for the widow Beatrice.
Caring and loving the orphans at Love For Kenya

COVID-19 relief efforts among the widows was greatly appreciated

More about our Missions Partner:

Mission: Love for Kenya
Location: Lucciola, Vihiga County in Kenya
Mission Partner Contact: Pastor Francis Ranagwa
His Role: Director of Love for Kenya
PCC Contact: Randy Darling 
Pastor Francis is the founder of Love for Kenya. He is a pastor of 30 years, married to Florence, and has six children. They took a step of faith in 2000, taking in over 20 orphans into their small home. Out of their obedience, Love for Kenya was birthed. They equip and mobilize others to minister to the most vulnerable Kenyans. Pastor Francis and Pastor Randy of PCC have been friends for over 25 years. As a result of their friendship, God has knit together a strong relational foundation for long-term partnerships. Randy and his wife April have led trips to Kenya for the past eight years.