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At Plymouth Covenant Church, we believe that God has created each person with a purpose and is meant to thrive in a community.  Our city is made up of people of many different cultures, ethnic groups, religions and socioeconomic backgrounds.  We want to build bridges across those differences and create spaces for others to make connections that extend hope. 
Join us in our journey to build bridges across social boundaries in our city. 


1. Building bridges across boundaries.
We will build bridges across those boundaries. It is up to us to find a way to connect with those around us who are cut off from us and from Jesus. We will see them. We will accept them. We will find common ground with them. We will serve them. We will befriend them. We will seek to find ways to help them encounter Jesus.
2. Equipping our people to use the bridges we build to connect with people on the other side
We will teach and model how to effectively come alongside other people groups to be His Witness. We will create ministry environments that enable us to invite and interact with people from different backgrounds. We will intercede for our city.
3. Inviting people to cross over the bridge to join us.
We would love to see our church mirror the diversity of our city. We will seek to remove any stumbling blocks, barriers or biases that keep people from crossing over to be with us. We will challenge our people to be the first across the room to welcome someone who is different than them.
4. Connecting us with other ministry partners
We don't need to do this alone. We must find partners in our community and city that will help us be His Witness to our city.

If you would like to get involved with any of our Local Missions or would like more information, click on the link below.


Together For Good

providing support and caring relationships to parents and children in crisis

Redeeming Hope

creating a community of belonging and a safe place to live for women facing an unplanned pregnancy


provides services that allow women to connect with their baby while experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.


is on a mission to end hopelessness among teens.

MN Adult & Teen Challenge

walks alongside individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction

Interfaith Outreach

building vibrant communities where everyone counts

Loaves And Fishes

meeting the basic needs for food, dignity and respect in our communities



To support any of our local missions partners, take a look at serving opportunities and sign up today!


Simply fill out the form below for more information about our local missions partners and opportunities to serve. Charlene Williams will be happy to connect with you.