Our mission in Mucel, Mexico is to build lasting relationships with the community while we serve together, as the hands and feet of Jesus.

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Plymouth Covenant Church partners with the Templo Siloé Church in Mucel, MX, a small Mayan community on the Yucatán Peninsula.
Mayan’s live a very simple life and have a heart for reaching their community and surrounding villages with the love of Jesus.
Mucel provides a wonderful, family-friendly mission experience. Partnering with Covenant Merge Ministries, we’re supported by missionary, Mario Valdes, on each trip.
Mucel’s Templo Siloé Church was 3 concrete walls in 2009. Over the years it’s become a center for church and community activity.
AWANA was launched and with strong leadership, expanded to a second Mayan village.
During COVID-19, food was scarce. Through Unleashing Hope, PCC provided 2 food distributions for the village of 1,200 people.

A community park was completed, near the town center. Many families came together to plan and erect the playground and shelter.

PCC can pray for development of Mucel’s leadership, for resources for their ministry and for the power of the Gospel to change lives.

More about our Missions Partner:

Mission Name: Templo Siloa
Location: Mucel, Mexico
Mission Partner Contact: Mario Valdes, Pastor Martin
Their Role: Trip Facilitator for Merge Ministries
PCC Contact:
Carin Laird

Partnering with Covenant Merge Ministries, we are building a long-term relationship with an Assemblies of God church in Mucel, Mexico which is located in the Yucatan Peninsula.  Mucel is a small Mayan village of about 1000 people.  The Templo Siloé church has a heart for reaching their community and surrounding villages with the love of Jesus.  They lead a very simple way of life.  Most people in the village speak Maya…an old indigenous language that dates back thousands of years.  Their second language is Spanish and they speak little to no English.

Between the two churches in the town there are about 200 people who attend. This leaves 80% of the community unreached at this point. There are also about five smaller communities nearby that make up a population of about 1000 more people. There are no evangelical churches in those communities and the Mucel church wants to not only reach their own community for Christ, but desire to reach local communities as well. These types of outreach ministries are something they desire, but they lack the resources and training to do that well, at this point. 

Pastor Martin and church leadership team of eight men and women are highly motivated. We have been impressed with their desire to reach their community for Christ. This is a reason we have chosen this community and church to partner with. Their spiritual leadership and desire to reach others for Christ is beyond the norm and impressive. That is why we feel it is worth it for our church to invest time, prayer, people and resources to further the work of this church.