Hogar Rancho Hebron ministries partners with local pastors in Nicaragua to meet the needs of their congregations and communities in some of the poorest regions of the country

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Karla Diaz is the founder of the ministry, which started as a private community orphanage.
Hazel Diaz, Karla’s daughter, with preschool children at their former home in Carazo
The Diaz family runs many feeding programs, including in their home church of First Baptist in Dirriamba.
In 2020, PCC provided funds to rent land and buy seeds for crops for several communities
PCC funded a water project for the community of Barranco Ballo, providing a well, water tank, and piping to homes.
Pastor Jimmy is one of the pastor-partners, now leading a congregation of Nicaraguan exiles in northern Costa Rica.

More about our Missions Partner:

Mission: Hogar Rancho de Hebron
Location: Carazo, Nicaragua
Mission Partner Contact: Jossiel Diaz
Their Role: Native missionary
PCC Contact:
Jon Overlie

The Diaz family started a private orphanage in 2003 to serve the children of an impoverished neighborhood. Nicolas and Karla Diaz were led by the Lord to sell everything and move their family from Managua to this property, which served as the center for their ministry.   Over time, God moved the focus of their ministry to supporting the work of a large network of pastors and their congregations, many of which are located in rural, forgotten areas.  They provide pastoral care and support, feeding programs, infrastructure projects, and evangelical programs.  Jossiel Diaz, the son of Nicolas and Karla, stepped into leadership of the ministry, along with Karla, after Nicolas passed away.  The PCC youth group began its relationship with Diaz family in 2008, when they served at the orphanage and this relationship has continued to grow. PCC formally initiated our partnership with them in 2013, and we have partnered with them on many meaningful projects and mission trips.  In the spring of 2018, Nicaragua fell into crisis, and PCC helped the family to escape government persecution to safety in the United States.  Jossiel and Karla continue to guide the ministry from a distance, and Jossiel currently serves on PCC’s ministry staff.