We believe that each person is created with a purpose and is meant to thrive in a community.

Redeeming Hope (RH) creates a community of belonging for women in crisis by providing a nurturing and safe environment that allows women the space and time to assess their needs, set developmental goals and prepare for living a hope-filled independent life.


This RH community of belonging includes:

  • temporary housing through shepherd homes that have been equipped to walk with women as they face difficult times.
  • an environment of grace without judgement that allows everyone to respect & care for each other.
  • time for personal assessment of life, tools to set developmental goals and friends to encourage you in your progress.
  • a network of local community partners and available resources that assist women with skills for living a healthy & independent life.

RH works through local partners to identify women who will be a good candidate for a hosting ministry. By sharing life, extending grace and working together we believe God can transform lives and move us from a place of crisis and isolation to a thriving community. 



A qualified shepherding family will be Christ followers willing to provide temporary housing (5-6 months) with a nurturing and safe environment and desires to be equipped to walk with women as they face difficult times


If you have any questions or would like to find out more about how to get involved with this ministry, please contact Charlene Williams at