“Today there are all kinds of ideas about what it means to be spiritual. Some people say that spiritual maturity is defined at its core by being busy with a lot of religious activities, others say it comes from knowing a lot about the Bible, and others say it is achieved by piling up spiritual accomplishments. The Pharisees did all these things, and Jesus said they were the least fruitful of anybody (Matthew 23:23-26). What does the genuine article look like? How does authentic spiritual growth happen?

We will be devoting seven-weeks to help you grow stronger in your faith and take the next steps on your pathway towards maturity:

  • On the Weekend Services we will take an in depth look at the lives of six real people that encountered Jesus. We are hoping that you see yourself in their decisions and how they operated.
  • During the Encounter Study, on Tuesday nights, starting January 18 from 7-8:30pm, we will be concentrating on the essential ingredients to make lasting gains in your spiritual maturity.  

How do we know what is true and who to trust? We find ourselves living in a moment with a growing cultural divide between political parties, economic philosophies, and competing worldviews. Throw in a global pandemic, racial tension, and angry outburst and there seems to be a fire keg ready to explode. The chasm is deep, the rhetoric destructive and the intensity is increasing. Everyone is being pressured to pick a side and take a stand, then to yell as loudly as they can, drowning out the voices of the opposition. Is there a better way? Do we owe our allegiance to this world and it’s competing kingdoms?

Join us for a for a 10-week in-depth look at two of the best known, but least understood sermons of Jesus.  Discover a clear path forward and a life worth living in the Sermon on the Mount. Uncover hope, learn how to make decisions and order your priorities in the Olivet Discourse. You can live right-side up in a world that is upside down.

The book of Daniel offers a compelling vision in the midst of chaos.  He trusted a powerful God who allowed him to see a remarkable future. He modeled a way to honor God, treat people well and make a significant difference in a hurting world.  We can learn from Daniel how to flourish in less than ideal circumstances even when a growing number of people no longer share our values, priorities or beliefs.

Teaching Videos

The chaos in our world has caused many people to consider the possibility that we are approaching the Apocalypse.  For the first time people all around the world are experiencing empty shelves at grocery stores, cancelled sporting events and economic collapse. Is this worldwide upheaval a sign that the end of the world? What does the Bible actually say? Join Pastor Bob for an eight week online interactive study of the Book of Revelation.  Consider investing one hour a week exploring the encouraging message of a God who holds the future in His right hand.   

"What Is the Bible?"

5-week course - March 31-May 5

Do you want to learn the TRUTH about the Bible?  Is it really the actual Word of God?

Beginning Sunday, March 31st, Dr. Lynn Sahr will be teaching a 5-week course on “What is the Bible?” during the second service-10:45am to 11:45am in the Fireside Room (#37).

Today’s society tells us that the Bible isn’t true (scientifically, historically, archeologically, etc.), but what are the facts?  We are also told that the Bible is just a “nice book of moral fables,” is that the truth?  How can you KNOW that the Bible is TRUE and the actual Word of God?  Come and find out.  Experience the healing to your soul that only God’s Word can give to you.  This study is open to all adults and teens.  Bring your Bible, coffee and questions.  Register with the link below, or at the door.


A Bible study for everyone – men & women together, learning side by side

Time to Revive is conducting reviveSCHOOL where Kyle Lance Martin and other guest speakers teach through the Bible daily from Genesis to Revelation. Teaching and study are focused on seeing the Complete Portrait of the Messiah as depicted in all 66 books of the Bible.

This is an online study platform with a variety of tools provided for your individual study including daily video teachings, daily encouraging words and weekly study questions. Then once a week, we come together to discuss what we have been studying that week. PCC’s weekly discussion group takes place on Tuesday evenings from 7:30-8:30pm in the Turtle Lake Café.

Register at, and make sure to enter “PCC” in the section that asks about “D Groups” to be included in the PCC discussion group.

This is a two-year study and reading plan, but you can join in at any time!  Tuition for the entire course is $100 per person. Hope to see you there!

*If you are in need of a scholarship, please contact Pastor Bob Leinberger