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Confirmation is a two-year process for students to help them get more connected with God, others, and our church. Students meet with their own grade level on alternating weeks on Sunday mornings, meet regularly with a mentor, serve, take sermon notes, and visit other churches.

SCHEDULE 2022-2023


  • October 9: Class #1 LIFE & teambuilding
  • October 30: Class #2 JESUS 
  • Fri Nov 18-20: MANDATORY Confirmation Retreat at Camp Edenwood (7pm Fri til Sunday at noon)
  • December 11: Class #3 CROSS
  • January 22: Class #4 GIFTS
  • January 29: Church Visits AND Class #5 Discussions (about 8:30-noon with a brunch provided)
  • February 12: Class #6 CHURCH
  • February 26: Class #7 FAITH
  • Fri March 3: Mentor Fun at PCC from 7-9pm (optional)
  • March 12: Class #8 RITES: Baptism & Communion
  • April 16: Class #9 TRANSITIONS


  • October 2: PRAYER Class #1
  • October 16: BIBLE Class #2
  • November 6: SPIRIT & FILL Class #3 w/ lunch goes til 1pm
  • December 4: NEW LIFE Class #4
  • January 8: EVIL Class #5
  • RETREAT Sat Feb 4 (10am)-Sun Feb 5 (noon): WORSHIP Class #6
  • March 3: Optional MENTOR FUN 7-9pm
  • March 5: HEALING Class #7
  • March 19: SAVED Class #8
  • April 23: TELLING OTHERS Class #9 & Paper Due
  • May 6 & 7: Confirmation Weekend


We work with each family to identify a mentor for all the students in the confirmation ministry. Mentors are asked to set a Godly example and engage students in spiritual conversations as well as conversations about life, school, family, friends, etc. Mentors walk alongside students for 17 months, and meet face-to-face with the student once per month; pray for the student on a regular basis; check in with them via phone, text, email, or Facebook every other week.


All of our 9th grade students submit a confirmation final paper or project. It is typically due in mid-April. Our goal is to help our students reflect deeper on what Christ means to them and allow them lots of creative space so they can do this in a way that fits with their strengths and passions. All of these projects or papers will be presented and displayed as part of our confirmation weekend. Details of the project appear in this PDF.


Confirmation is an additional ministry that not every student chooses to participate in. We think it is a great opportunity for growth but recognize that it does require commitment and asks students to do more than just show up. We do think that participating in confirmation is a GREAT way to help our students grow and make the transition from our Impact to Ignite ministries.

The vision of the confirmation ministry is to help students connect with God, with others, and with our church. So, while you do not have be an attender at Plymouth Covenant, the ministry is designed for those who do call our church home or want to start coming here.

We find it valuable to help students experience the ways other Christians worship. We meet at Plymouth Covenant and travel together to other local churches. Students will be able to get a sermon note with each visit.

We have a retreat for both our 8th and 9th grade groups. These events are often the favorite part of confirmation for many students. The 8th grade retreat will focus on teambuilding and making connections with their peers. The 9th grade retreat will have a significant time of worship and time set aside to connect with the Lord. Both retreats are local/or held at PCC so that if a student has a conflict we can still have them participate in part of the weekend.

Yes, as long as they start in the fall. Talk with Pastor Annie as soon as possible about what this would look like.

Confirmation weekend is set aside to celebrate how God has been at work in the lives of our students. We want to honor the students being confirmed, challenge them, and hear directly from them. We want our church family to hear and see how God has been at work and join in this meaningful moment.

Confirmation weekend is typically the last weekend in April or occasionally the first weekend in May. 

There’s a Saturday BBQ, Saturday worship/baptism service, Sunday morning service, and confirmation service.

Confirmation weekend starts with our BBQ on Saturday that is only for the student, their mentor, and parents. We honor the mentors for investing time and energy over the last year and half. Students also present their projects or papers. Then directly following the BBQ we have our Saturday night worship/baptism service. Typically a handful of students decide they would like to also be baptized as part of confirmation weekend (it is not required/expected). Students share their stories of how God has worked in their lives and why they want to be baptized. It is a powerful service, as they get baptized before their peers and family.

Then students will choose to attend either the 9:00 a.m. or 10:45 a.m. worship service on Sunday. Typically, students are involved in these services by helping with communion, ushering, or sharing their paper or project.

After Sunday worship, students and families come back for the official confirmation service at 2:00 p.m. At this service, we again thank mentors, we show a highlight video, we have some students share their projects/papers or help pray, and have an inspiring message from our lead pastor. At this service, students will officially be confirmed and be prayed over by their parents.

Please contact Annie so she is aware your student will be missing. Also there is typically a make-up class at the end of April for students who had to miss.


Simply fill out the form below and Pastor Annie will be happy to connect with you.