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The Shepherd Team consists of six members serving three-year terms. They focus on God and our vision as they guide our ministries and guard our spiritual climate. They oversee and direct the staff, ministry teams, our church business affairs, and spiritual welfare of our congregation.

Email to connect with the Shepherd team.

Meet the Shepherds

Michael Engel, chairman
Paul Anderson

Rachel Feldmann
Greg Johnson
Kyle Olson

Anita Victor


The Trustee Team consists of the treasurer, financial secretary plus five additional members serving three-year terms. Trustees equip the church’s ministries and manage our business affairs. They are responsible for the operations, maintenance, and stewardship of our facilities, properties, resources, and finances.

Email to connect with the Trustee Team.

Meet the Trustees

Roger Christensen, policies, HR, IT, Vice chair
Paul Hansen, chairman
Vincy Winifred, exterior property
Jeremiah Johnson, interior property 

TJ Bernard
, exterior property

Sandy Smith, treasurer
Phil Breker, interior property


The final authority on important decisions lies with the members of Plymouth Covenant Church, not with ministers, officers, or the denomination. Church members direct our mission, approve an annual budget, and elect our Shepherds and Trustees. Congregational business meetings are held about once or twice a year following the weekend worship services. On special occasions, the Shepherd Team will invite the congregation to a dialogue meeting where we can discuss proposals and prayerfully discern God’s will together.


Learn more about our pastoral search process for lead pastor and Children’s pastor by clicking on the link below.